Are you looking for a fiery performance that will leave your audience wanting more?

Look no further than Lady Volcano!

With her "Smokin' Hot" rock concert, Lady Volcano will take your event to the next level with her original, rocking songs and dynamic stage presence.

Lady Volcano is not just a singer-songwriter, but also a dancer who knows how to get the crowd moving. She is an authentic and wild performer who will charm your audience with her energy.

Whether singing about her passion for "hot machines," empowering through her songs, exploring themes of freedom, friendship, and love, Lady Volcano's songs are sure to resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

With her talent, charisma, and incredible stage presence, the artist will perform a colorful mix of her previously released albums.

Don't miss out on the chance to book Lady Volcano & her band "project9" for your next event.


Lady Volcano & The project9

The project9 Line Up:

Keys - Roman Voronenko,

Bass - Rudi Schürrle

Guitar - Wolfgang Kolassa

Drums - Alex Schmitz,

Back Vocal - Thomas Albitz

Since 2019 she has been working with the music project group “project9” founded by Uli Lindner alias U9. A member of the project is her long-time producer and composer Roman Voronenko alias Sosysos.

Lady Volcano Biography

From Belly Dance to Rock n' Roll - the way of an artist.

On a journey to the Orient, the German fell in love with Oriental dance. She followed the call of adventure and set out to become a belly dancer in Egypt. Sonia Asmahan danced successfully at the Red Sea for many years with her own music and folklore dance group.

She was running in Egypt a dance school for 7 years.

Sonia is the creator of Iso Style, a new dance form.

Due to her role in a popular Egyptian TV series, she became known beyond the borders of Egypt. The German artist experienced the highlight of her dancing career by presenting Oriental dance to more than 10,000 spectators at Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world. Back again, the artist staged two dance theaters in Arabic for the Arabic-speaking citizens of Stuttgart and Orient lovers. After a show at the Old Castle a volcano photographer compared her to a volcano. This inspired her to write her first rock song.

Song writing became an integral part of her artistic expression.

Lady Volcano was born.

The artist has now released 4 music albums and 5 singles.

2009 "Pay Attention" Single

2012 "Lady Volcano" Album

2014 "We wave our flags" Single

2018 "Falcon's Dream"Album

2019 "Riding Fever" Album

2020 "Fire Skull" Album

2021 "Let your body move" Single

2022 "Welcome to Qatar" Single

2024 "Believe in Love" Single

Lady Volcano's marketing focuses on targeted ads that bring new fans into her fan community "The Volcanoes".They interact with her through email, social media channels, online live streams, and merch purchases before they've even come to her first live show.
It's important to her to build a relationship with her fans.

Official Website:

Amphi Theatre, Karthago/Tunesien

Stadttheater, Tunis/Tunisia

Rathaus Stuttgart

„PUR“ Intercord, Reithalle, Ludwigsburg

Kamel Race Munich Scheich Hamdan al Maktoum Horse Race

VIP Tent Scheich Hamdan al Maktoum

Rallye Paris Dakar, Lyreco

Was’n Stage

Show Stage Sport & Event, Stuttgart

Hotel Intercontinental, Stuttgart

Messe Show & Event WGS & Partner

Nil Hilton, Cairo/Egypt

Europa Integration House of Economy, Stuttgart

L’Africa Meridien, Tunis/Tunisia

Olympiapark, Munich

Giftun Hotel, Hurghada/Egypt

Al Khozama Hotel, Riyadh/Saudi Arabia

Tut Anch Amun Exhibition, Old Castle Stuttgart 


LKA Stuttgart

Biker Residenz Althütte

Fourforty-Two VTS Stuttgart

Music Pub Mohren, Mengen

Arena Bikerfest, Scheifling

Strandbar 51, Winterbach

Strandbar 51, Winterbach 2023


Documentary „Der älteste Tanz“ ARD Kairo/SWR

TV Series „ERT Cairo „Sonbol-Baed el Million“

TV La Couppole Tunis

„Kaffee oder Tee“ SWR

Music Film „Lucky Spin“  


"Pay Attention" Video Production 2009

„Lady Volcano“ Album Music Production 2012

She’s a Lady Volcano“ Video Production 2012
„We wave our flags“ Single Music Production 2014

„Falcon’s Dream“ Album Production 2018

„Cairo“ Video Production 2018

„Lady Volcano“ Documentary Video Production 2018

„Riding Fever“ Album Production 2019

„I carry an eagle on my heart“ Video Production 2019

„It’s music to my ears“ Video Production 2019

„Let’s go for a ride“ Video Production 2019

„Whatever it takes“ Single Production 2020

„Fire Skull“ Album Production 2020

„Benz Benz Benz“ Video Production 2020

„Let your body move“„ Single Production 2021

"Welcome to Qatar“ Video Production 2022

"Iso Style - Show Up & Dance" Video Production 2022

"Believe in Love" Single Music Production 2024


Dance Shows "Yalla Nurqs" Weiden & Stuttgart

Dance Theater "Magic of the desert" Kulturhaus Arena Stuttgart

Dance Theater "Cairocat" SKG Theater Stuttgart

A4Music Germany

Lady Volcano Label

Sonia Asmahan
[email protected]