Take the opportunity

to put your dancing skills to the test.

How to participate in the

Iso Style Dance Contest:

1.) Watch the ISO STYLE Dance Tutorial.

2.) Learn the moves!

3.) Record a self presentation (2 min)

4.) Record a dance performance with the Iso Style combination (2 min)

5.) Upload a 4 min private video on YouTube

6.) Send the link to: my@isostyle.com before the

30th of April

4 Iso Style Dance Moves:

Iso Kick Walk

Iso Double Kick

Cycle Side Kick

Iso Chassée Side Kick




And become the first Iso Style Trainer in your town!

The 1st Place Winner

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The 4th + 5th Place winner

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The Creator of Iso Style

Sonia Asmahan, also known as Lady Volcano, is a multi-talented artist who uses her skills in singing, songwriting, dancing and producing to entertain her fans and audience. She is known for her successful career as a belly dancer in Egypt and is the creator of Iso Style, a new dance. Lady Volcano has her own label and music publishing company, and performs solo or with her band project9. She is well-known in the MENA region and was the first German to have a leading role in an Egyptian TV series, which has been broadcast to over half a billion people for years. She was also the first German belly dancer to perform in front of 10,000 spectators in Carthage, the oldest amphitheatre in the world. Lady Volcano is also a martial artist with a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo. She is a self-accepting, imaginative, charismatic, and charitable person with a noble heart, who loves to travel. She fights for justice and is peace-loving, inventive, and gifted.

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Lady Volcano